Wooden walkway in Helsingborg’s harbour

Work: City architecture, Public spaces
Location: Norra Hamnen Helsingborg, Sweden

In 1998 I was asked to participate in designing the harbour area together with Stadsbyggnadskontoret in Helsingborg with City managers Ole Reiter/Birgitta Ramdell and Bruno Östholm – our beloved city gardener.

That resulted in a harbour walkway, piers, bench, lampposts, a compass in stainless steel and a circular place with a 16 meter “black diabas” granite bench to catch the early sunrays in spring. As a sailor, I know how hard it can be to untie knots so I fought for my design ” the double ring”. The walkway and piers were design in Siberian larch with details in stainless steel. The railing as well as the bench top are teak.

As a curiosa; there have been weddings, concerts, bar & café on my piers and I am still proud of it even though some parts have been exchanged. I even found a bronze plaque the site with my name on it 😉

The professional pictures are taken by Thomas Madsen and the family picture is for those who always dreamt of being on a big ocean liner at sea..