About Christel

A Finn-Swede architect with extensive experience in architecture and design with custom made furniture as a speciality. Dedicated to arts through both her own work and as a board member/director of Helsingborgs Art Society and Nordisk Salong between 2010-2021. Also a songwriter, singer, Pecha Kucha ambassador and sailor. Proud mother of three young adults.

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House restoration
Interior design
Bespoke furniture
Apartment buildings
Public spaces

The 80’s

As a young apprentice at Mitchell & Giurgola architects on Manhattan 1982, while still an architectural student, one of my assignments was to create a receptiondesk for Union Theological Seminar and last I saw, it still stands. After my Master studies at Lund University, employment with Mitchell/ Giurgola and Thorp awaited in Canberra, designing furniture for the New Parliamenthouse such as the “President of the senate” suit. An unforgettable experience!