Penthouse in Helsinki

Work: Architecture, Custom-built furniture, Interior
Location: Finland, Helsinki

Overlooking Helsinki harbour area, this penthouse has the most stunning views.

This is my hometown which I return to as often as I can. Not only is it the place where I was born but also where I have near and dear ones. My older cousin Patrick, the founder of Eriksson arkitekter, who has been my role model and advisor, has involved me in several exciting projects such as competitions like “Visans hus” and harbour area in Ekenäs as well a furniture design for a “Mormon temple”. I am forever grateful.

Therefore I feel particularly happy when my younger cousin Ukko, askes me to design a summer-cottage for the family; or restore a flat or two, like “Mammula”, or as in this case, doing the interior design of their penthouse on top of 70 flats! Thank You for all the fun projects we do together. Love spending time with the family.

All the custom built furniture i.e kitchen, bathrooms, wardrobes, bookshelves, bar was delivered by Estonian carpenter Rein Meripold at Enterior.