Summer house with mediterranean touch

Work: Architecture, Interior, Restoration
Location: Lerberget, Sweden

Kullabygden. Oh, what a place on earth with a landscape reminding of the Mediterranean. Vineyards, plenty of local producers of delicacies and even porpoises in the sea. No wonder it is called the “Toscana of Sweden”…

With that in mind, this is the design I came up with when I was asked to make something out of the tiniest of houses in the tiniest of lots in one of the picturesque old villages along the coast – Lerberget.

This 88 m2 villa from the 1940’s, situated only 100m from the beach, has one bedroom and an open kitchen/livingroom that plays with indoor and outdoor areas making it appear larger. There is also a small guest-house/studio space with a tiny loft. The house was sold by Valvet.se where the beautiful photos are from and who did a great story on this house.

A spacious two roomer, don’t you think?